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Saskia Fernando Gallery
41 Horton Place
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka   map * 
tel: +94 11 742 9010     
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by Saskia Fernando Gallery
Location: Saskia Fernando Gallery
Artist(s): Yohan MEDHANKA
Date: 20 May - 17 Jun 2014

The word kurutu means scribbles in Sinhala. Scribbling is considered as a worthless chaotic form of art according to institutions and their teachings. 

By using the medium pen and correction fluid the artist has recreated the same process he used as a teenager when he vandalized his desk in school Scribbling on the desk played and important part in the start of his drawing skills. He would focus on a girl sitting in class, the study of the eye and so on.

Medhanka has recreated old temple paintings in this exhibition as well as other traditional imagery and bringing this imagery into a contemporary sphere. Sri Lankan traditional painting focuses on line drawing (rekha) and thereafter the colours are introduced (warna). This line drawing is often fine, concentrated and simple. The transition to the contemporary means that the lines are no longer beautiful, fine or ordered. The lines and the subject matter transform as the social and psychological surrounding affect the expression of the contemporary. 

Medhankas intention was to bring chaos into a new order, thereafter they were drawn together in what he perceive as chaotic harmony. 

*image (left)
courtesy of the artist and Saskia Fernando Gallery 
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