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Zokyudo Gallery
1F Bunkakaikan
Teramachi Higashi iru Honnoji
Oike dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 255 2232 / 50 3532 8486     fax: +81 75 255 1786
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Ajisa Kitano Solo Exhibition
by Zokyudo Gallery
Location: Zokyudo Gallery
Artist(s): Ajisa KITANO
Date: 17 Nov - 1 Dec 2012

The sky was clear besides the thoughts. It was this morning that my eyes followed a bird as if it was swimming slowly beneath the white vague line behind an airplane passing.

It must have been not more than seconds, the colour when looking upwards but why is it that it stayed clearer in the back of my head than any other long continued scene of daily life that followed. Ajisa Kitano`s works are like images inspired by skies above and nature at ones feet, never boring, bundled images of close-bye subjects. Paintings reveal the painter and for sure she is dwelling in the instants that our world harbours.

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