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Zokyudo Gallery
1F Bunkakaikan
Teramachi Higashi iru Honnoji
Oike dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 255 2232 / 50 3532 8486     fax: +81 75 255 1786
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Art Expressions on Paper
by Zokyudo Gallery
Location: Zokyudo Gallery
Date: 26 Jun - 21 Jul 2012

Paper was invented in ancient China, a great merit to civilisation but we know that the European artists were using the hand manufactured, quality paper from Japan at an early stage.

We cannot compare the feel and touch of blurs of stagnant Chinese Ink, rubbing of Ink and the delicate nuances of shades done on paper. This time we would like to stage an exhibition of this to us all most familiar medium, with expressions on paper as centre point. We will hang the works, prints, sketches,etc. done masterly in a casually urban fashion, in the Gallery so please come enjoy.



Andy Warhol / Benjamin Lauder Nicholson / Frank Stella / Henri Marisse / Jean Fautrier / Joan Miro / Maurice de Vlaminck / Pablo Picasso / Raoul Dufy / Masuo Ikeda / Tro Okamoto / Motonari Kakei / Koji Kinutani / Yayoi Kusama / Kokuta Suda/ Yoshitomo Nara / Kyoshi Hasegawa / Takeshi Hayashi / Leonard Foujita / Others

(names are not in a particular order)



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