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Zokyudo Gallery
1F Bunkakaikan
Teramachi Higashi iru Honnoji
Oike dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 255 2232 / 50 3532 8486     fax: +81 75 255 1786
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familiar and noted works
by Zokyudo Gallery
Location: Zokyudo Gallery Kyoto
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 12 May - 9 Jun 2012

Generally a noted work of artists is a historical title conferred upon the work which will serve as the achievements highest during the whole life of the artist who excels others in art history achievements.

Looking back upon history, many artists seem to have about 2 times of producing peaks in their whole life.

Artists often show their domain and character of art unconsciously in early stages, and their works in those stages are very bold and delicate energy is condensed in them.

Their works in those stages have the charm clearly different from a completion or a substantial period's works which come later.

In this exhibition, we will show the gem of art produced by artists who have presently much activity.The expression of this exhibition 'familiar' has meaning that we are very closely to their present activity.

Although it is not the time to judge the work of their 2nd peak now, in this time, they show the work which will serve as monumental work rightly.

We would like not to be concerned with the expression field, notability, age , sex, and evaluation rank at present, but to take in the energy of art from this exhibition works.

We are pleased if the works or the artists who live the present age close are supported.

Exhibition artist name

Tsuyoshi Handa
Koji Kinutani
Motonari Kakei
Toshiyuki Enoki
Takahiro Hara
Takehiko Sugawara
Syo Kishino

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