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Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto
4-19, Shougoin-rengezou-cho,
Kyoto, 606-8357, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 950 5230     fax: +81 75 950 5240
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Feedback : Reflexion
by Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto
Location: Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto
Artist(s): Masayuki KAWAI
Date: 5 Oct - 2 Nov 2013

After the exhibition at Mori Yu Gallery Tokyo, Masayuki Kawai currently shows his works at the gallery in Kyoto.

Video Feedback evokes electronic one as using an analogue medium, video. Even though there is no prepared picture, noise in the work place uses accidentally created abstract pattern so that it transforms an image variously. Analogue video feedback reflects  a state of different materials or the environment's influence directly so that it makes constantly changing and abundant images beyond prediction or control. That is to visualize structural principle itself the video has without passing through the center. Thus, we can see that the video is a media of electronic data rather than representation one. Electronic image, a mirror reflecting us, shows the media itself as facing each other.

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