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Mulan Gallery
36 Armenian Street
#01-07 Singapore 179934   map * 
tel: +65 9662 3085     
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Tropilla by Fernando SUAREZ
120 x 120 cm
Acrylic & charcoal on canvas

The lines capture the agility and strength of horses and bulls, his human subjects are perhaps
more grounded. But each piece unfailingly captures virility of life.

Fernando Saurez is a well-known Spanish artist who is best known as a sculptor. His interests in exploring materials lead him to pursue fashion, jewelry and furniture designing, before he came upon sculpture which became his chosen medium for creative expression. He began painting much afterwards. His works have been widely shown in exhibitions in countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Brazil and Spain. The artist has recently opened his gallery in Sitges, Barcelona.

In his works, the most remarkable aspect is his strong and flowing lines. They are particularly evident in his sculptures of bulls and horses where they embody the vigor of movement. In his paintings, the lines of his sculptures can be seen in the swift strokes of paint. Think coats of paint also create concave surfaces, so that the painting acquires a 3-dimensional aspect. Some of his most remarkable works include the stunning public bronze sculpture Juanita Fortuna.

Mulan Gallery represents the works of this gifted artist. The collections include some stunning pieces of paintings and sculptures. These include the sculpture, the Toro al Infinito¸ where the form exudes potent energy captured in a graceful movement.


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