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Abstraction 2013
by Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Location: Societe Generale Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour
Artist(s): Ravi Paul ABRAHAM
Date: 28 Feb - 7 Mar 2013

Abstraction 2013 is the third in the series of solo exhibitions held in Singapore by Indian-French artist, Ravi Paul Abraham. The new collection of works features more than 40 original abstract pieces inspired by the origin of creation, and elements of nature and the environment.

Abstract art is a contemporary style of painting that demonstrates a visual language unique to every abstract artist. For Abraham, creating abstract art represents the means to channel his creative energy with positive emotions that come from a higher vision within. While journeying through the abstract painting process, he searches for a rhythm that harmonizes with his creative expression to communicate balance and beauty, as reflected in the artistry of Abstraction 2013.

Working with oils on paper and wood, Abraham uses a technique that is both modern and unique. By rubbing paints into the chosen medium, scratching and allowing the oils to penetrate through, the most fantastic pieces are created. This contemporary painting style allows the artist the freedom to explore new dimensions by altering dreamscape images that exist in real life or by an imagined setting.

Through Abstraction 2013, Abraham’s paintings and three dimensional art pieces offer the viewer a unique way of seeing the beauty of life and nature. They also express a sense of human emotion using the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Abstraction 2013 features artworks that are inspired and energized by patterns and colour compositions – from soothing, yet vibrant colours, to waves of light, and layered movement that represent the rich possibilities of abstraction as a mode of artistic expression.

Image: © Ravi Paul Abraham

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