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Void: Physical, Metaphysical by LIM Shen Gen

These projections emphasize a notion of void or lost, by proposing the idea of being found. They are an attempt to claim a real place through an unrealized space, highlighting the constant ongoing struggle to establish personal terrain in an increasingly uncertain and chaotic world we live in.

This series of landscapes projected simultaneously are intended to be an amalgamation of multiple perspectives - the artist’s encounters, experiences and imaginings. The work aspires to create sense of how much the artist wished to settle at the place at a given moment in time. The different locations with the same pyramid in all of them, suggests that the artist has found his solace. However repetition of the pyramids too signifies that he has not really found his place and he is still constantly in search of that solace. This returns to the intangible and immaterial notion of void, explored through the constant reoccurring theme of lost.


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