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Water World
Location: Art Seasons, Singapore
Date: 31 Jan - 1 Mar 2009

ART SEASONS presents Water World, a solo exhibition by young Chinese artist, Jiang Chuan. Born in the '80s, Jiang Chuan gravitates towards the exploration of contradictions between self-awareness and social stigmas.

A common topic of interest for people of his cohort, it comes as no surprise that he touches on familiar feelings of desolation, struggles and escapism in his work to express the emotional entanglement experienced by youths drowning in the chaos of today’s society.  In his series entitled Endless Tears, dolls are portrayed floating aimlessly under murky waters like lost toys with searching eyes.

Although the paintings can easily be interpreted to depict beauty and romanticism, his underlying statement presents the delicate relationship between life and death, reminiscent of Hans Christian Andersen’s 19th century fairy tales In his other series, Goldfish, Jiang Chuan creates a visual opulence of bright colors, dazzling tones of broken reflections and poetic bubble-renderings cascading over rippling water. This creates a misleading scene of both calm and splendor. 

Growing up in a coastal city, Jiang Chuan is heavily intrigued by water and its mystique. This symbol of life and rejuvenation sets the canvas over which he pours his mixed emotions of fear, sorrow, loneliness and love to convey his inner struggles. 

ART SEASONS cordially invites all Press to attend the Opening Reception of Water World on Saturday, 31 January 2009, from 3pm onwards.  

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