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West 9- 301
Artist(s): Nan MA
Date: 15 Aug - 9 Sep 2012

Art Seasons Gallery is pleased to announce Chinese artist Ma Nan’s first solo exhibition in Singapore – West 9- 301. West 9- 301 is a series of artworks regarding memories. Constructed by time, the exhibition combines Ma Nan’s earlier paintings from 1983 to 1987, his recent paintings from 2005-2012 and some of his old personal belongings and collections, which expresses Ma’s sentiments of his childhood.

As humans, we live not only in the three-dimension world, but also in the time. Objects, writings, images, and emotions are our partners in this time journey. Seven years ago, Ma Nan was enlightened by a beam of light from a spatial coordinate: West 9- 301 - a feeling and a memory encounter each other. He recorded the confrontation between time, which destroys everything and memories, which rescue everything. At that moment, using painting as a method, the memory integrates into forever without the time restriction. Now, insisting using the same method, Ma attempts to recall his instincts and desires in his memory. Keeping editing the original perceptions of the world from his heart - water freezes, day turns into night, insecurity and fear transform into humor and mystery, time records his growth and memory. People like memories, because it allows us to reselect, and reunite the past objects, writings, images and emotions, in order to obtain a brand new “past”. When a feeling meets a memory, the time, as a past light, enlightens the artworks. Artworks have their own presence, and become the dictator of the memory. That’s why Ma Nan recreates West 9- 301.

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