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My Castle in the Air
Location: Art Seasons Singapore
Artist(s): CHOI Ji Young
Date: 10 May - 27 May 2012

In capitalist society, commodities appeal to us and then rapidly fall impotent. Desires for commodities (aesthetics) surpass their utility (commodity’s own finality and functionality). Choi Ji Young's paintings’ subject matters, which are often commodities, have their own spiritual aura, and are reborn as ethereal icons, evoking previous reminiscences.

Choi Ji Young’s work featuring a bed, a sofa, a chair, a bathtub, a chandelier, an incandescent lamp, and a tea table makes the objects seem to be floating over the background, submerged in darkness. This evokes a psychological, internal, and implicative mood. The objects that appear in her paintings work as a substitute for personality and desire. Her paintings put objects on the stage, which implies that her work is separated from life and living in reality.  In other words, her paintings disconnect themselves from our dirty and wretched daily lives, and beautify events, situations, thoughts and experiences that occur in life to a great extent.

Choi Ji Young (b. 1982) received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. at Hongik University in Seoul. Her artworks have been exhibited in Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai.  In 2008, Choi has been awarded “Grant for a made-up Scene” by Art Council Korea. In 2007, she has been awarded “The 5th Kumho Young Artist” and “GanaNowArt” in South Korea.

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