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STPI at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013
Location: Booth 3C14, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 23 May - 26 May 2013

STPI will be participating in the Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, featuring works from Richard Deacon, Eko Nugroho, Hong Zhu An, and Chun Kwang Young.

About the Artists:

A leading figure in British sculpture since the 1980s, Richard Deacon is best known for his inventive use of materials to create works on a variety of scales, building subtle relationships between volume and space. Departing from his usualy media in exploration of print and paper, his works are centered on two significant ideas: the concept of artist-intereference on material and folding as a means of construction, resulting in a dynamic interaction between his sculptural works and two-dimensional subjects.

A young and highly sought after artist from Yogyakarta, Eko Nugroho is inspired by the environment in which he resides, creating works using a diverse range of media that feature both humourous and disturbing social satires. Experimenting with media outside his usualy practise, he fashions vibrant and quirkly assemblages in his enduring investigation of the self, social constructs, and human behaviour under conditions of concealed identity.

In an age of globalization, Singaporean artist Hong Zhu An's works convery a modern sensibility anchored in the rich history of his Chinese roots. Seeking a greater harmony and the attainement universal ideals through art, the artist explored papermaking from its most basic components at STPI, creating artworks that capture transient states and feelings, transcending language and cultural barriers.

The works fo eminent Korean artist Chun Kwang Young reflect an intersection of Western art with the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. The series "Aggregation" which begun in the mid-90s is composed of hundreds of tiny triangles wrapped in Korean Hanji (mulberry paper) that produce startling illusion-of-depth landscapes. Inspired by Chun's childhood memories, these wrapped triangles are evocative of medicinal bundles hung in clusters from the ceiling of his family's pharmacy, and developed further by his exploration in geometric abstraction. 

Public Hours:

23, 24, 25 May: 12-7pm

26 May: 12-5pm

Image: © Richard Deacon, The Singapore Tyler Print Institute

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