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Indigo Blue Art
33 Neil Road
Singapore 088820
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Amplifying Abstraction
by Indigo Blue Art
Location: Indigo Blue Art
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 6 Nov - 30 Dec 2014

Indigo Blue Art presents Amplifying Abstraction, a special six-week exhibition celebrating the beautiful non-representational world of the abstract, to end the wonderful year of 2014. The group exhibition features large-scale works by modern and contemporary Indian artists including Akkitam Narayan, Jayashree Chakravaty, Ram Kumar S Harsha Vardhana, Shobha Broota, Sohan Qadri and Suhas Numbalkar.

While the influence of abstract art from the West is undeniable, the artists on display at Amplifying Abstractions also demonstrate a firm application of their own connections with their Indian roots and deeply spiritual process including the teachings of Tantra, the Vedas, the Upanishads and other metaphysical texts.

Abstract art serves to engage and absorb, while eliciting an emotional and intellectual response from the onlooker. Unlike the embedded meanings and representation in figurative works, abstract art provides a unique experience to the viewer based on their own experiences, knowledge and relationship with their environment. In some cases, the experience is a deeply spiritual and peaceful connection while others may feel provoked and challenged when faced by the abstract. With the large scale nature of each work at Amplifying Abstraction, measuring about 100 centimeters or more, this absorbing and unique experience is further intensified for the onlooker.


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