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Indigo Blue Art
33 Neil Road
Singapore 088820
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Circling the Confluence
by Indigo Blue Art
Location: Indigo Blue Art
Date: 27 Mar - 4 May 2012

Indigo Blue Art (IBA) is pleased to present “Circling the Confluence”, a group exhibition showcasing a large and diverse collection of visual arts from all around India. Tracing an evolution of innovative art trends and movements in the contemporary Indian Art scene, the exhibition is presented on two levels of the gallery: Gallery 1 focuses on works by established young artists whilst Gallery 2 focuses on newer emerging talent.

Over the last few years Indian artists have developed an extensive repertoire of styles using new media as a vehicle for their narrative. This collection, covering a wide range of subjects and media, focuses on stylistic expressions from tribal to naturalism and figurative to abstract expressionism, each deriving its artistry from the artists' emotional connection to their perceptual reality.

A recurring theme in Indian art is its engagement at many levels with the natural world - whether presented directly as in Mrinal's large scale landscape installation, or in Vinita Dasgupta’s sardonic depiction of the urban spectacle of life. Illuminated with images of stars, flowers, flying birds and other objects, the visuals of Mrinal’s installation gradually change from fancy like narratives to highly patterned visuals, forming an even-pattern thus giving an abstract feel to the painted surface.

A sense of ‘interpretive realism’ prevails in the works by Soumya Samanta, Kumar Ranjan, Sudhansu Sutar and Pratul Dash, where each artist takes a subject and emphasises certain features he/she feels are significant. This personalised portrayal of ‘reality’ - sometimes accented with gloomy, oblique, humorous or satirical social pointers, is presented with distinctive creative variations.

Artists Dhaneshwar Shah and Kavita Singh convey their sense of ‘reality’ in a playful manner, where reality bleeds into fantasy. Dhaneshwar’s naive tribal art is replete with his motifs of whimsical animals charming the viewer with their naive innocence.

Cultural Identity is explored in the work of Vivek Vilasani, where he raises questions about the continually changing social scenario that every individual struggles to keep pace with. Sculptor Puja Kshatriya and artist Deepa Mahajan both question the identity of the individual through their three dimensional surfaces: Puja raises the possibility of the presence of multiple selves within all of us, whilst Deepa depicts the inner feelings of the individual who is tired of leading a ritualistic existence and wants to react to the societal dogmas.

A heightened sense of the metaphysical is achieved in the works of abstract artist Saba Hasan where she draws on her earlier experiences as a child receiving letters from her mother. Saba weaves sentences of the letters into her thick impasto canvases arriving at a sensuous tactile surface serving as a fading memory of her past. Similarly artist Deepak Tandon draws on his sensitivities to the innumerable textures and forms that surround the human life and his memories to arrive at a very sensual surface of a smooth melting red lava-like surface.

Circling the Confluence marks the second exhibition of the year which focuses on Emerging Young Talent in India. Aimed at new and seasoned collectors, this is an opportunity to procure high quality artwork from two tiers of emerging artists at very competitive prices.

Artists exhibiting in Gallery 1 – Puja Kshatriya, Deepa Mahajan, Deepak Tandon, Minal Damani Nandi, Pratul Dash, Saba Hasan, Sudhansu Sutar and Vivek Vilasin

Artists exhibiting in Gallery 2 – Kumar Ranjan, Dhaneshwar Shah, Kavita Singh Kale, Soumya Samanta and Vinita Dasgupta

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