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Through the eyes of artists in Asia
by Artfolio
Location: Artfolio Gallery
Artist(s): HOE Say Yong, TAY Bak Chiang, YAP Chin Hoe, Lidia MCEACHERN, Diana FRANCIS
Date: 1 Dec - 31 Dec 2010

Experience Asia's cultural transformation through the eyes of five prolific artists in Asia. Diana Francis, Hoe Say Yong, Lidia McEachern, Tay Bak Chiang and Yap Chin Hoe will present 35 artworks on the diversity of Asia, its people, landscapes and customs. Expect a varied and multifaceted exhibition that offers a fascinating insight into the fast evolving cultural landscape that is today's Asia. Diana Francis will showcase recent oil paintings which focus on Singapore's rich architectural and cultural history. Hoe Say Yong will present a new perspective to appreciate the vastness and infinite nature of water. Lidia McEachern's artworks focuses on Singapore's street scenes and historical buildings with a unique infusion of her understanding of the local surroundings and cultures. Tay Bak Chiang presents an alternative view of how lotuses and stones can be represented in Chinese paintings. Yap Chin Hoe will showcase artworks which presents light and perspective in a novel, unfamiliar way.

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