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Taksu Singapore
Unit 01-72 Workloft @ Chip Bee
43 Jalan Merah Saga
Singapore 278115
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Place of Memories, Cities
by Taksu Singapore
Location: Taksu Singapore
Artist(s): Daeho GUK
Date: 9 Apr - 30 Apr 2015

TAKSU Singapore is pleased to feature Daeho Guk in his first solo exhibition: ‘Place of Memories, Cities’. Daeho Guk, the artist, will be present during the opening on 9 April, so do come down and join us!

While one may mistake his artworks for out-of-focus photographs, Daeho Guk’s poignant paintings feature accidental moments taken from his travels. Arising from his appreciation for the camera’s “blurry effect”, ordinary moments from everyday life is transformed and reinterpreted as he recreates the photographs with oil paint on canvas. Cities are depicted beyond appearances, and the intimacy and warmth of the paintings lends an image of a utopian landscape that people yearn to live in. It evokes the illusion of places as the viewer sees past the urban landscapes and enters the artist’s emotional world.

Daeho Guk (b. 1967, Korea) completed his BFA in Painting from Seoul National University in1992 followed by his MFA from the department of Arts Plastiques, Paris8 National University in 1998. Dae Ho Guk was listed as budding artist for the year by Paris-Gallery Association in 1996 and selected as one of the best young artists by Young Artists Association in France. His works are in the collections of several of Korea’s major museums, including National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, Busan Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Daelim Museum, Gwwangju Museum of Art and 63 Sky Museum.

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