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Space Cottonseed
47 Malan Road #01-24,
Singapore 1094444   map * 
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Cutting into Different Spaces
by Space Cottonseed
Location: Space Cottonseed
Artist(s): LEE Young Rim
Date: 11 Jun - 28 Jun 2015

Space Cottonseed is proud to present Cutting Into Different Spaces, a solo exhibition by Young Rim Lee featuring site-specific installation works. It is also with a heavy heart that Space Cottonseed will close its doors at the end of this show as well. Lee held her first solo exhibition here in 2013 and it is apt and poignant that this exhibition, a culmination of her growth as an artist also marks the closure of the gallery. 

Lee’s first exhibition, Cutting Into Space, featured works that related to space and explored the relationship between the pictorial and the physical realms. Three years on, Cutting Into Different Spaces was inspired as an initial response to the space of Space Cottonseed in Gillman Barracks, as Lee saw potential in the gallery’s spatial characteristics, such as its geometric and dynamic flow of spaces within the gallery constraints.

Lee strove to create unstable spaces and subtle tension by juxtaposing or layering perceived spaces differently within the actual gallery space, and attempted to transform the entire space into an artwork itself. Through this transformation of the space, Lee hopes that these explorations lead to new perceptual experiences for the audiences as they “walk into” a painting, allowing for a new experience within the gallery space. Through her play of light, shadow, angles and space, Space Cottonseed has been given a new makeover, allowing for audience members to have a new experience within a familiar environment.


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