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Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Artspace @ Helutrans
39 Keppel Road #01-05
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065   map * 
tel: +65 6221 1209     fax: +65 6221 1249
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Cabinet Curiosity
by Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Location: Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Artist(s): Krisada SUVICHAKONPONG
Date: 25 Apr - 9 May 2014

Cabinet Curiosity! is Krisada Suvichakonpong’s first solo exhibition at Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore. 

The collections of objects have long existed throughout the changing course of time. In the past, knowledge and disciplines were conceived only by the study of nature and experimentations. And for that matter, the documentation and collection of things of interest (which in some cases are rare, historical or organic) are important, as they become a significant source of information for collectors and interested individuals in general.

In the past, the collection of objects by famous figures, scientists, dealers or even kings could take place from the desire of the collectors to create their own simulated worlds; amazing miniature universes full of their imaginations. In a way, they are the owners’ expression of power and sense of ownership as the rulers of the worlds they have created themselves. A physical space is therefore needed to store the collected objects. The word ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ refers to the space where a large amount of special, interesting objects are kept. It could be a building, a room, or a cupboard. This type of space is also the origin of what we know today as museums.

Stuffed pheasants and birds of preys, anatomical models, stylish headgears, ceramic figurines and noble busts are some of the objects that populate Krisada Suvichakonpong’s photographs. His staged pictures of interior settings are dispersed with objects that appear like uncanny assemblies. They are captured once the artist has developed relationships with chosen individuals. The objects belong to the personalities that the artist has bonded over time through his work as a professional photographer.

In Cabinet Curiosity!, Krisada Suvichakonpong have had the fortunate chance to work with people from different occupations, ages and interests. His past works had consisted of photographing the bookshelves of the people he finds interesting; for the belief that a person’s identity could be reflected through the books that he or she read. He also had a chance to personally see the cabinets of these people. Each of the owners has a different purpose for the cabinet. Some use it for storage while others for collecting things of interests. The special thing he finds about a cabinet is how its presence is conceived from the owner’s collection of things; special things that come from a variety of places.

Thus, each cabinet belonging to either artist friends such as Natee Utarit and Attasit Aniwatchon or his close companions becomes a personalized illusionary universe that allows one to escape the mundane trappings of the everyday though they are more than about objects and our relationship with them. His practice could be read as a form of a collaborative photography in which they touch upon the relationships that Krisada has build and fostered, relationships that when in maturity allows him the privilege to document deeply personal objects. When photographed, the objects are shared, instantly as much as his as they are the owners’.

Krisada’s artistic vision is to convey his feelings through photography, by capturing the simulated worlds that interest him, and connecting their existence to the physical reality and the viewer’s perception. The audience can personally experience the execution and presentation of each of the photographs, and relate to the objects and their owners. In his own words: “I think this is a great way for me to relocate and recollect my own memories and impressions of the mesmerizing worlds I had witnessed, with the hope to comprehensively retell the experiences in the form of contemporary photography.

-Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore

Image: © Krisada Suvichakonpong
Courtesy of the artist and Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore

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