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Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Artspace @ Helutrans
39 Keppel Road #01-05
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065   map * 
tel: +65 6221 1209     fax: +65 6221 1249
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by Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Location: Richard Koh Fine Art Singapore
Artist(s): Kedsuda LOOGTHONG
Date: 2 Dec - 17 Dec 2011

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) Singapore is proud to present Thai artist, Kedsuda Loogthong (b. 1983) new series of works. TOMORROW is her highly anticipated follow-up from her Letters from Songkla series in 2010.

Creating contemporary art in an aesthetic personally Loogthong, with pastels and even embroidery, the artist reveals gentleness and longing that women struggle everyday to suppress, while retaining a powerful voice. In this latest series, associating nature with time passing, Loogthong is full of hope and signs – in sparkling starlight – of better things to come.

Loogthong acquired a wisdom passed down from her grandmother to her mother and then to her: “The sky hides some good things.” The works in this exhibition recall a time when the artist was forced to placate herself with this learned notion – her mother was in a precarious medical state, in hospital, after suffering a stroke, and Loogthong could only wait on whether her mother would recover.

“Twinkle represents success, victory, reaching goals and [bringing out our] imaginations. The color makes me think of good things and be positive. I asked for blessing from that mysterious twinkle… I waited under that sky,” Loogthong states.

As with Letters from Songkla, an undercurrent of heartache is the backbone of this series. This is fast becoming one of Loogthong’s most significant skills. Reproducing calendar pages in such a plain and undeniable manner, Loogthong brings the uncontrollable monster of time into the equation. These works explore the fortune-telling of Chinese astrology and turning, as many people turn to spirituality in crisis, to its mystical ability to give gifts in life. The praying eased suffering as both a last resort and a tangible action.

“The most important reason [for the calendar works] is that I spent time together [with] my family and we concentrated and paid attention [to prayer]. I didn’t want to lose anything and the last thing I could do was to ask mercy from scared items for any miracle. [Also], the Chinese astrological is interesting because it involves the lunar system, the earth’s orbit, and water levels going up and down. The Chinese calendar is unique and it tells auspicious times. At that minute it was [possible] way out to have my mother survive.”

This collection simplifies the connection we all experience between personal growth, unease and our natural environment through the artist’s focus on a moment in her life when it all unmistakably came together.

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