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by Gallery Hyundai (Gangnam Space)
Location: Gallery Hyundai (Gangnam Space)
Artist(s): Nam June PAIK, Joonho JEON, Junebum PARK, Uram CHOE, Hyun-Ki PARK, KIM Beom, Kyungwon MOON, Youn Seok OH
Date: 24 Aug - 19 Sep 2010

GALLERY HYUNDAI is pleased to announce "Powerhouse", a group exhibition of 8 Korean media artists. The show offers glimpses into the unique world of Korean contemporary artists who are representing the present status of Korean media art recognized both in and out of Korea.

From the founder of video art Nam June Paik up to Park, Hyun-Ki, who combined technology and oriental ideology, to internationally known Korean media artists like Beom Kim, Joonho Jeon, Kyungwon MOON, Uram Choe, Junebum Park, Yongseok Oh, will participate in this show.

Nam June Paik is with no doubt the founder of video art who invented TV and video as a new era of art. He overcame the limits of medium in art and foresaw that technology will rule the world. Park, Hyun-Ki is known as the 1st generation of Korean media artist. His works make the spectator feel the practical sense of reality without the medium's ideological interpretation. Beom Kim shows the coexistence of past, present and future and his works try to overthrow the set of values in our daily life. Kyung Won Moon and Joonho Jeon, two artists who experienced the sudden changes in Korean history, show all kinds of contradictions and criticism about the structures and regulations of the fast developing Korean society. The artist Uram Choe uses digital techniques to make a 'living machine creature'. His creatures, which possess a strange looking all with their own stories, are trying to come closer into our real digitalized and mechanized world. Yongseok Oh and Junebum Park, a slightly younger but as much powerful generation of Korean media art, are trying to show more complex and abstract messages. Oh's works establish new structures in between the memories of people and the instant cognition and Junebum Park demolishes boundaries between video and images to explain about 'restricted freedom' people experience in our today's society.

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