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Thomas Demand Solo Exhibition
by PKM Trinity Gallery
Location: PKM Trinity Gallery
Artist(s): Thomas DEMAND
Date: 24 Nov 2011 - 10 Jan 2012

Thomas only update the framework of the genre of contemporary art beyond categorical concepts for reality and fiction, his language revealing a uniquely attractive as a writer, photo, video and installation artists of different genres, such as compactness hagodo sophisticated tasks revealed the properties of each genre through the same seems to hold the uniqueness of the dissolution or consolidation.

Thomas only updates the work of a historical event or an individual's memory based on what the space scene on paper the durability is not material to the actual size of the model reproduces the picture after taking the plans to destroy through the process is completed . Recreated by artists in the scene space, the absence of a person or text, and therefore the same texture, consisting of the things like missing something strange atmosphere is cool. And writers to create a model to shoot with the model in the course of a series of minor operations, and the reality are restructured. That is a writer in the world that remains visible in photographs, but before the act of model making, photography model, since the destruction process is that all work on the comprehensive. Through this process the traditional attributes of the photo artist 'faithful reproduction of reality' overthrow, and further, artful manipulation of the photograph reveals heoguseong sharply. This conceptual approach, and his young artists of his generation had a huge impact for.

When dealing with the problem of reproducing a virtual and real, plane and three-dimensional, space and time, truth and falsehood, and multifaceted approach to the problem and update the work of Thomas, only the diversity of contemporary art, conceptual clarity of the task in work fulfilled in a representative will be able to saryera.

(Translated by Google)

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