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Marc QUINN biography | artworks | events

 Marc Quinn received the attention of the British Art scene more than anyone else. When his Self was exhibited in Saatchi Gallery, he was called “the most notable young artist of London.” In 1991, Marc Quinn created his first Self and since then he proposed to make new version very five years until his death, using fresh blood and a new mould from his head. By casting his head with eight pints of his own blood, which is the average amount of blood in a human body, Quinn wants to capture the moment and the beauty of it. Technically, it relies on maintaining an extremely specific temperature and condition. If the electric cold of the refrigerator is pulled out, the work will disappear. The fragility of the work suggests the mortality of our life and the mutability of our body. You take my breath away (1992) explores the ability of the body to encompass different human states. This work, which is the latex casting of Quinn’s own body, gives the audience the illusion of the sloughed skin. It describes and incarnates the pain of St. Bartolommeo who was martyred by peeling off the skin.


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