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Gallery Skape
58-4 Samcheongro
Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea   map * 
tel: +82 2 747 4675     fax: +82 2 747 4676
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by Gallery Skape
Location: Gallery Skape
Artist(s): Hyungkoo LEE
Date: 2 Sep - 19 Oct 2014

“Be that as it may, recalling the Radetzky March. Heading toward Yeonhui-dong through Ansan. From Seodaemun Gate to Euljiro, from Jongno to Gwanghwamun Gate, seeing artworks in Sagan-dong, and passing Sajik Tunnel to Shinchon. Before I knew it, already five hours have passed while I was walking. It clears my mind.” (Hyunkgoo Lee)
The artist walks everyday, walks, and walks again. He faces the self in the life of everyday and the familiar, of seemingly aimless acts. The days are like any other. Each time he sees the crude face that continues to proffer a different front as if it is never affected and it knows nothing, frustration reaches the bottom of his chin and leaves nowhere. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, he walks, and walks, and walks again. Through the act of repetitive walk, the gaze slowly moves itself from the exterior to the interior. What was felt unlevel and irregular on the outside really was that of the inner. It is not easily noticed, however. The internal examiner persistently tries to bring balance but it is not easy. The changing landscape –and it changes according to the sound from encounters, fragrances in the air, and the pace of the moving gaze– from walking and walking again somewhere along the way overlaps with the sound and rhythm of the body. As time passes, that is, finally around the time the body exhausts itself from the battle between the internal movements and the exterior, the definite meanings of the inside and the outside blur. How long has it been. After breathing a little, he begins to back track the time whose traces are left on his body.
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