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Gallery K.O.N.G
157-78 Samcheong-Dong,
Jonro-Gu, Seoul
Korea 110-230   map * 
tel: 02 - 738 - 7776       
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Hexagonal Chamber
by Gallery K.O.N.G
Location: Gallery K.O.N.G
Artist(s): Gyung Jin SHIN
Date: 22 Oct - 31 Oct 2013

Gyung Jin Shin's work is similar with a process of beekeeping in terms of using and transforming a principle of hive. In common, they observe the nature consistently and find a sort of rule from it. But while the artist emphasizes an error of existing principle through tuning between random variable and rule, the farmer does not try such intellectual process. 

Despite of this, to the artist, scientific knowledge and systemic approach is essential. Also, according to focusing on error and modification derived from the nature, the artist's work is similar with the bee farmer. For this exhibition, Shin used a structure in hive-shaped and recorded a daily life of elderly people living alone. The artist reflected behavior of bee on the screen. Actress performing elderly person receives bees wax in coin-shaped and cover the wall by it everyday like the hive. At last, the artist provides certain principle and variables by the minute so that acts a role as an entomologist or bee farmer. 

For the table installation work, the artist collected practical objects applied to a random situation, and she intervenes in such things to be recoginzed as an basic form. The artist added plaster on them and arrange on the table which is actually a process to impute all the forms to typed one. And those objects are put on a sort of a map displaying simplified basic materials of the world. Again, there are all variables and revealed phenomenons on the table containing  the universal principle. 

However, same as a man's scientific supposition, the artist denies a perfect calculability of statistics or  absoluteness of science. A result the artist wanted is not another generalized principle, but as emphasizing variable, she intended to create new and special situation. 

Her first solo exhibition in Korea is to show her direction for the future between intellectual experiment, scientific show and gesture. The audience should see what to get between new knowledge and experience when arts meets science. 

Courtesy of Gallery K.O.N.G

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