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Doosan Gallery
Doosan Art Center 1F
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DOOSAN Curator Workshop Exhibition: Another O
by Doosan Gallery
Location: Doosan Gallery Seoul
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 14 Jan - 14 Feb 2015

DOOSAN Gallery Seoul is pleased to present the DOOSAN Curator Workshop Exhibition Another O, a formative program on behalf of three promising curators, from January 14 to February 14, 2015.

Another O is co-curated by Soyoung Kim, Boram Park, and Eunji Park, three young curators who grew up learning that increasing individual competitiveness is a goal of the highest priority, but subsequently came to realize the necessity of “living together” and thus endeavored to locate a perspective within art that is distinguishable from established communities that only emphasize solidarity. Through the perspectives of the contemporary artists ORDINARY PEOPLE, Seo Young Chang, JangPa, Vad Hahn, and Yoonsuk Choi, the curators examine the possibilities in which talking together, deliberating together, and acting together may allow us to push through and overcome a difficult present and uncertain future.

ORDINARY PEOPLE collaborated with participating artists, curators, and contributing outside writers to produce the zine Takgoogong (Ping-Pong Balls). Takgoogong is the outcome of the individual participants exchanging their thoughts on the purpose of exhibitions in the form of a Shiritori game, and the entire process is documented via an online blog (takgoogong.tumblr.com). Seo Young Chang poses questions about the social value system principally through three-dimensional forms and video, exploring human existence and the human condition via text and physical movement. JangPa views objects and phenomena with a self-mocking viewpoint, presenting “the absence of an origin and a center” regarding an absolute idea, but simultaneously talks of hope for a world today that is different from that of yesterday. Yoonsuk Choi observes temporary and left out daily objects and attempts to communicate through them. He utilizes drawing, video, sound, and performance to present his individual expression in a synesthetic manner. Vad Hahn is a so-called “people’s entertainer” who has performed at sites where massive capitalism and marginalized people exist. In this exhibition, he presents the concert “Groove Guruma-Unexpected Realization” and the project “Gurubu-Fashion Tour (With the strategy of Miss-Match and plans to perform a temporary community play together with visitors to the exhibition space.

Initiated in 2011, the DOOSAN Curator Workshop is a professional development program with the mission of discovering and supporting promising new curators who will present a fresh perspective within the Korean contemporary art field. Each year, the program selects three new curators and, over the course of one year, holds regular lectures, seminars, and workshops in which professionals from various disciplines are invited to share critical examinations of contemporary art theories and art scenes with the Workshop participants. Following the one-year education period, the Workshop participants are provided the opportunity to co-organize an exhibition to give shape to their year of study at DOOSAN Gallery. Soyoung Kim, Boram Park, and Eunji Park, who were selected for the 2014 4th DOOSAN Curator Workshop, invited professionals to learn about writing as curators and facilitated workshops and seminars addressing the subjects of co-curated exhibitions and exhibition design.

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