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Doosan Gallery
Doosan Art Center 1F
15, Jongno 33-gil
Seoul, Korea   map * 
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Black, Pink Balls
by Doosan Gallery
Location: Doosan Gallery Seoul
Artist(s): Minae KIM
Date: 3 Sep - 4 Oct 2014

DOOSAN Gallery Seoul is pleased to present Black, Pink Balls, on view from September 3, 2014 to October 4, 2014. Black, Pink Balls is the solo exhibition of Minae Kim, winner of the 2013 4th DOOSAN Artist Award. In this exhibition, the artist seeks to examine the contradiction that arises when one ceaselessly aspires to deviate from and overturn the established order, but can ultimately do nothing but move around inside this order. Within this deliberative process, she seeks to create new meaning.

Minae Kim uses site-specific installations to expose the meanings and functional contradictions of landscapes and spaces that are not easily encountered in everyday life. Beginning with her 2013 solo exhibition in the United Kingdom, Thoughts on Habit, she has contemplated the inherent limitations of artworks that are produced dependent on space and institutions. The title of this exhibition, Black, Pink Balls, takes its name from the objects that she spontaneously chose and installed in various locations in the Thoughts on Habit exhibition space. It is a symbol of something that exists but nevertheless lacks core meaning and has lost all semblance of purpose.

In this exhibition, Black, Pink Balls is a source of the artworks’ visualization, yet it lacks substance and is defined by absence. Minae Kim creates yet another square exhibition space within an exhibition space, and introduces into this space works that were presented in fragments in prior exhibitions. However, due to the opaque walls that the artist used to block off the interior space, the viewers are able to see only the shadows and silhouettes of the works that the lights create. Through this exhibition, the artist attempts to break free from her individual habits and from social convention, expressing the feeling of helplessness that an individual goes through within society and exposing the solidness and contradictions of frames and institutions.

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