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PYO Gallery South
B112 NaturePoem B/D 461 Apgujeong Road
Seoul, Korea   map * 
tel: +82 2 511 5295     fax: +82 2 511 5297
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Déjà - View
by PYO Gallery South
Location: PYO Gallery South
Artist(s): Jin JUNG
Date: 8 Nov - 23 Nov 2012

Pyo Gallery has tried to recognize possibility and potential of Korean artists and find talented artist who can lead contemporary art in Korean and even all over the world. Last year, to celebrate 31st anniversary, the gallery selected 3 artists through Young Artist Awards. This is third exhibition by JUNG, Jin. 
His work is started from memory of childhood. It looks like a very tame landscape, but if looking at it in detail, there is a narrative made by a woman leaving and left person. Stamped memory in the artist's unconscious is presented metaphorically on canvas. Unexpected objects on the ordinary landscape make strange feeling and uneasy mood like uncanny atmosphere the surrealism artist used. 
His work which the objects calling his memories on present landscape shows the flow of time existing both the past and the present. His unique brush stroke, separated space by different time on one canvas and layered painting fortify this flow. Especially, fluorescent pink colour under Jung's own vivid colours tells afterimage of the past, or a sharp change of time from the past to the present. Intentionally left space on the edge is also to show it, and imply the landscape in the past he barely remembers. Like this, his memories upon the present landscape evoke strange but intimate déjà vu. And in the blurred memory, there is unforgettable trauma. 
On one side, there are fairytale images, such as sleeping beauty, Hansel and Gretel, or happy prince. A tragic destiny behind a happy story reflects on his anxious feeling which is that the tragedy is coming to his ordinary life. As pouring out the images of fairytales onto personal life, the artist traces his vague memory back with an objective view. 
The artist expresses a feeling through this process as texture and colour to show uneasiness mind. Also, his work creates a position of observer ambiguously, so that it is expressed a pitched center axis on a scene or a brushing landscape. This view is similar to a focus of snap photo. It contains an anxious view ilke the observer seeing private and secret place. Maybe the observer in a work is looking back the memories carefully. 
A moment of anxiety and fear can be seen as a time to form ego. According to Julia Kristeva, a Bulgarian-French psychologist, a human being feels anxiety, and a sense of alienation right after being born, but establishes personal identity at this moment. Again, looking back the moment of extreme fear and expressing that feeling in his work are to heal himself against trauma and to create own identity by himself. 



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