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PYO Gallery South
B112 NaturePoem B/D 461 Apgujeong Road
Seoul, Korea   map * 
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by PYO Gallery South
Location: PYO Gallery South
Artist(s): Sung-Feel YUN
Date: 12 Sep - 11 Oct 2012

To celebrate 31st anniversary of PYO Gallery, we are pleased to announce that 3 artists are selected as young talented artists. First exhibition by Sung-Feel Yun has expressed the cosmological concept based on Orientalism and physics. Using steel powder, this cosmical principle as an profound aura in his works. This exhibition will provide a chance to escape from limited thought, and extend to a broad and grand view. 
The cosmical principle in his works is revealed as balance of order and disorder, and shape of order is showed as circle. Usually, everything in this world changes constantly, and is unstable and unpredictable. A range to foresee the future is very limited and unsure. But even though it's limited, this prediction is made by regular order in changes of the disordered world. And this order is circular. The four seasons circulating constantly and the orbital motion prove this. 
The difference between disorder and order start from the presence or absence of regularity or repeatability people can understand. Harmonized expression for disorder and order in his works shows the world revealed antithetically is equal to a shape of circle. Therefore, his works, which analyzed oppositive factors newly and made beautiful harmony, are worth to focus on. 



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