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PYO Gallery South
B112 NaturePoem B/D 461 Apgujeong Road
Seoul, Korea   map * 
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by PYO Gallery South
Location: PYO Gallery South
Artist(s): Sean ROH
Date: 11 Aug - 8 Sep 2012

PYO Gallery South is pleased to announce the new exhibition 'Melt down - Concrete Reappearance of Delusion' by Sean Roh from 11 August to 8 September. The photographer Sean Roh, called 'Experimental photographer', shows the newly changed world away from photographs of landscape in London. 
In this exhibition, photographs works are about white fruits, such aas apple or banana, in the air, and melting chair and table. Actually, objects are hanging on sticks, but it looks like floating in the air. And chair and table are not melting, in fact, white paint is flowing. But people mistake paint for meting objects. This is nothing but common notion, which is not based on truth. The artist tries to challenge to public common through truth, not manipulation. 
'Melt down' series is similar to pictures of landscapes in a respect of considering social issues. However, in terms of texture or technique, he has changed to fresh ideas for new works. 





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