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Kwanhoon Gallery
195 Kwanhoon-dong,
Chongno-gu, 110-300m,
Seoul, KOREA   map * 
tel: +82 2 733 6469     fax: +82 2 722 1375
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Never Ending Story
by Kwanhoon Gallery
Location: Kwanhoon Projects
Artist(s): Hye Jung JEON
Date: 24 Mar - 6 Apr 2010

Welcome to my fantastic world where is full of imagination.


There are two places in this world. The one place is where we can see and the other one is where we visibly can not see but we can feel it within our imagination.

My work is based on this theory and I create an imaginary world within this belief.

When I create my painting I adapt rough images from personal experiences and memorable dreams. And those images are rearranged in my canvas for creating a new place where I call 'dream stage'. I try to combine different images each other in 'dream stage' because those images suppose to be one scene in my imagination. When the strange images are completed to be one it becomes for the first time an ideal place and I fine myself in that ideal place as a subject.

by Jeon Hye Jung, 2010

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