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Kwanhoon Gallery
195 Kwanhoon-dong,
Chongno-gu, 110-300m,
Seoul, KOREA   map * 
tel: +82 2 733 6469     fax: +82 2 722 1375
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by Kwanhoon Gallery
Location: Kwanhoon Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 16 Jul - 5 Aug 2014

Kwanhoon Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition entitled 'an.chored' by three young Korean artists. The title 'Anchor' represents a same attitude of artists during work process. Unlike expressing comprehensive social phenomena alluded to one object or simply borrowing a material for visual amusement, three artists, Jinkey Kim, Kangsan Lim and Jinhoon Choi, focus on a background, process and output of materials and experiment with various methods and materials. 

Jinkye Kim's painting covers a view of a gathering after work or a wrap-up party, which is familiar with Korean people. It loosens participants' relationships of top and bottom, as well as hardens sense of belonging. Kim's work focuses on remnants after it, such as unidentified garbages, leftovers and dishes. From 'Trashtopia' to 'Leftover' series, the artist sublimates hideosity and dirt in a persistent way. 

Kangsan Lim talks about a noble statue or architecture made by people obsessed with absolute existence beyond time and physical law. The artist says that world-recored skyscraper, the lightest and strongest synthetic stuff people discovered, and truss work to sustain massive physical power are a synthesis of efforts against gravity as well as the Tower of Babel of today. Sublimity by properties is very important keyword to the artist. 

Jinhoon Choi experiments generally accepted rules in various platforms. A change of paradigm causes complete change of existing values. To the artist, changed value is not better than existing one but analyzed differently from each paradigm. Errors caused in here are traced by the artist, and he finds how intrinsic value and appointed definition can be essentially changed in terms of environment. Color's characteristic is redefined at the outside of computer as RGB codes in 17 basic colors selected by web language goes through CMYK transformed from algorithm. After the artist takes photo of building interior, he separates forms by certain standards. At last, he creates interactive painting using database of selected 17 colors and 42 shapes. 

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© Kwanhoon Gallery 

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