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Kwanhoon Gallery
195 Kwanhoon-dong,
Chongno-gu, 110-300m,
Seoul, KOREA   map * 
tel: +82 2 733 6469     fax: +82 2 722 1375
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Tsching Wumm Patsch! (Sound gaze VS Visual quartet)
by Kwanhoon Gallery
Location: Kwanhoon Gallery
Artist(s): SINN
Date: 2 Apr - 22 Apr 2014

SINN's new solo exhibition will be held at Kwanhoon Gallery. The artist Jin Eon Kim's stage name 'SINN' means 'sense' or 'meaning' in German. It is also contacted to her collaboration work with Symphonic Percussion Berlin in the exhibition. Starting from Himmelsmechanik by Mauricio Kagel, artworks recreate each range in a visualized space in own way and implies visualized rhythm. 

SINN chose aluminum material instead of canvas. She finds a meaning from gloss in aluminum. Through repetition of filling aluminum surface sharpened by sand paper with colors and scratching it thousand times, she make it reveal an original form. Layered scratches in different directions show visual shapes in terms of angle, which is to create a hologram effect. 

*image (left)
courtesy of the artist 

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