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Kwanhoon Gallery
195 Kwanhoon-dong,
Chongno-gu, 110-300m,
Seoul, KOREA   map * 
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Nature and Organisation
by Kwanhoon Gallery
Location: Kwanhoon Gallery
Artist(s): JI Hyuna
Date: 16 Dec - 27 Dec 2011

"Once you improve your own personal perfect language, and I, after Dante's Hell, Purgatory, as well as down the gangway could climb the mountain of gear. He could fly to heaven, and that linguistic and poetic was it have mystical powers. "

The meaning of the language by experiencing a sense of universal hwadoemyeonseo discriminatory language, meaning is formed. Meaningful discrimination in the process of being formed by means of universal meaning discriminatory means of the universal validity of the diversity is hidden.

About the universality of this language, the continued differentiation of the individual, but does not arrest those languages ​​also referred to as the perfect language, and at the same time, to satisfy the search languages ​​by linguists in the study has been continued for a long time.

Complete the languages ​​that the most basic and fundamental that interpret and it is to find out what many linguists and writers or poets to re-read again tarballs repeat the process mentioned, my work in the made disassembly and reorganization of the Act also perfect language search of the approach is you can tell.

'Nature and Organisation # 1-11 6, selected from the 70's Swedish pornographic magazine images which completely remove its inherent nature as a reorganization and a new architectural shapes created by repeating the process is a work of collage.

I am from finding the perfect language, a language that does not use language that is, without the use of specific language to talk us our ways of communication of the angels were looking for the perfect language, I think it was like. It's just to get my opponent's mind as a magic show will sell for communication with Telly is the same. It abstracts the drawing and the earth is like a piano to compose yeonjugok sokyina hear the sound coming from the sky known as the special powers that may be.

What is the ultimate goal of finding the perfect language eoneohwa recognition that the world is not impossible abandon prejudices, and even the language that comes from the limits of universality with the error as soon as the nature and purpose of the individual to be treated as a failure, and it soon seeks to prevent The universality of the language-generated history of the limits of error, the reality of the remedy is to realize the error.

(Translated by Google)

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