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The Noom Induction by René Spitzer and Hiroki Tsukuda
by Nanzuka
Location: NANZUKA
Date: 31 May - 28 Jun 2014

NANZUKA is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of works by Rene Spitzer and Hiroki Tsukuda.

Rene Spitzer was born in Moenchengladbach, Germany, in 1978, and graduated from the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf in 2009. Based out of Duesseldorf, the up-and-coming artist has in addition to exhibiting within Germany shown his work in such exhibitions as “In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni” at Galerie Space Other (Boston, USA, 2008), “1001 Bild” at Villa de Bank (Enschede, Netherlands, 2009), and “German Kleinformat” at Bermondsey Project Space (London, UK, 2011). He participated in the group exhibition “Zwei Waelder” at Gallery Den mym (Kyoto, 2012) and exhibited together with Hiroki Tsukuda in “N = R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L” at Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS (Tokyo, 2012), making this upcoming exhibition his third time showing in Japan.

In his work, through a variety of mediums from canvas to film to paper sculpture, regardless of material, Spitzer unfurls a world analogous to our own planets. His pieces fundamentally differ from the concept of a science fiction utopia, based on the presumption that not one but an infinite number of universes exist parallel to earth, and that every conceivable notion, concept, and imagined thought thus exists in reality.

Hiroki Tsukuda was born in Kagawa prefecture in 1978 and graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University in 2001. In addition to exhibiting with NANZUKA three times in the past in solo exhibitions including “BLACK OUT THUNDER STORM”, this up-and-coming artist has in recent years garnered a reputation in the international art scene as he has begun showing abroad in solo exhibitions held in Holland, Germany, and beyond. In contrast to Spitzer, who creates planets within his work, Tsukuda describes his works as the “outer-world” and hints at the possible existence of his own distinct world, as he incorporates in both abstraction and reality within his images the motifs of man-made structures, plants, geometric forms, symbols, and other objects that reside in his memory, or, alternately, which have come from some imaginary world, composed in monochrome and in bold, sharp lines.

The aforementioned joint exhibition of works by the two artists in 2012, “N = R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L”, was aimed at the Drake equation that estimates how much extra-terrestrial life can be found in the universe, and speaks to their mutual, outward-oriented interests. The “Noom” referenced in the title of this exhibition is the name of the pilots of the innovative spaceships that were developed on one of the planets in Spitzer’s world, and is rich in meaning, signifying those who venture to another world by piloting spaceships that enabled the travel of heretofore impossible distances and speeds, or, those who lead others to better answers, rising above and beyond stereotypical ideas.

This exhibition will feature a collaborative installation of works by the two artists, including new works by Tsukuda and recent and new works by Spitzer. These are pieces not of fiction but of one reality founded in the multidimensional concept that the moment in time when something is imagined, the probability of its existence comes into being, and as in science fiction, they contain the deep-rooted feeling that such thoughts could lead people toward new answers and experiences.

*image (left)
courtesy of NANZUKA 

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