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by Nanzuka
Location: NANZUKA
Artist(s): Yuji HONBORI
Date: 19 Oct - 16 Nov 2013

Nanzuka is pleased to present the upcoming solo exhibition of works by Yuji Honbori. This exhibition will feature a display of Yuji Honbori’s large-scale installation of Buddha sculptures which made entirely by used cardboard.

Yuji Honbori born in Kobe city in 1958. After graduated from sculpture division of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, he continued his art creation while teaching the youngsters heading for art colleges. His works came to front at the Kobe Biennale in 2009 and 2010, and the solo exhibition at the INAX gallery in Tokyo 2010, when he represented the cardboard Buddhas.

Honbori’s Buddhas are produced all by used cardboard. It looks transmissive from the front and fragments of cardboard become stereoscopic from the side. It is signicant to use the recycle material like wood, paper, newspaper and milk cartons for Honbori’s works however its concept is more about metempsychosis in Buddhism rather than ecological issues. After he experienced the Great Hanshin Earthquake, he felt more hesitation in using new materials and found the used cardboard as his material. The strength of Honbori’s works is in the gap of making the Buddha that people adore from the cardboard that nished its use.

In this exhibition, Honbori will present big installation of Fujin Raijin-zu (Picture of Wind and Thunder Gods) based from the ones in Sotatsu Tawaraya’s painting in early 16th century. Also he will show series of small Buddha sculptures such as Twelve Heavenly Generals or Four Heavenly Kings.

Courtesy of NANZUKA 

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