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Location: CAPSULE / SUNDAY (Tokyo)
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 10 Jan - 15 Feb 2015

The exhibition “clk” at Capsule combines the works of the three artists Christian Hutzinger, Lotte Lyon and Kazuna Taguchi. Christian Hutzinger and Lotte Lyon, who live in Vienna, have been spending a considerable amount of time in Tokyo over the last couple of years, while Kazuna Taguchi, a formerly Tokyo based artist, is currently living in Vienna.

In this exhibition, their work is shown together for the first time, linked through a concept of painted walls in three different colors. Each artist ́s work gets assigned to one color. The size of the color fields relates directly to the measurements of the walls, but through a shift in space, a change in the perception of the gallery occurs.

All three artists have in common that they use varying artistic techniques. At capsule, Kazuna Taguchi is showing new photographic works that have their origin in painting. Lotte Lyon ́s new black&white photos deal with questions of size and relation, and use paper and drawing as a starting point. For his new colorful series of collages, Christian Hutzinger doesn ́t only use materials from his own archive, but also bits and pieces of the works of Lotte Lyon and Kazuna Taguchi.

In addition, a three dimensional object that combines the works of all three artists defines the exhibition space further.

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