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Kenji Taki Gallery
Tokyo 160-0023 Japan   map * 
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Double Story
by Kenji Taki Gallery
Location: Kenji Taki Gallery
Artist(s): Mitsunori KIMURA
Date: 22 Mar - 27 Apr 2013

Mitsunori Kimura is a sculptor creates works by wood carving and oil paint modeling. He picks up the motifs of his works from daily moments of humor and unexpected intimacy.

In this exhibition titled “double story”, we are pleased to introduce the latest works by the artist including an installation on the wall with 500 carved wooden cats’ noses, and the wooden sculptures capturing the back shots of animals.

“Overlapping the aspects of myself and the animals. The faces of those animals are imaginable but not known. Maybe they are double images of myself. And I can get closer to those animals.”  - Mitsunori Kimura

Mitsunori Kimura was born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1983. He is currently participating in Asia-Pacific Fellowship Program at National Art Studio, Changdong - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.

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