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Megumi Ogita Gallery
2-16-12 B1
Ginza Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3248 3405     fax: +81 3 3248 3405
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Yoshimasa Tsuchiya New Sculptures
by Megumi Ogita Gallery
Location: Megumi Ogita Gallery
Artist(s): Yoshimasa TSUCHIYA
Date: 9 Jan - 7 Feb 2015

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya(b.1977) had studied sculpture at Tokyo Art Univ and got a doctor's degree of conservation and restoration of a sculpture in 2007.

Yoshimasa gives a birth to wood by the traditional technique for Buddha statue restoration. Wood is a living material which breathe, the artist believes it's suitable for expressing life.

For his creation, Yoshimasa receives the inspirations from an old tale, a myth, a legend and his dream.

Human assign all manner of stories and interpretations to the appearance and way of life of living things, and ascribe to them symbolic roles.

In this exhibition, Yoshimasa presents three of his new works, "Dragon", "Human", "Fox" and "Cat".

It is said dragon is a god of river or rain. We know flood or thunderstorm sometimes take somebody's life. On the other hand, water give people a source of life. Yoshimasa expresses both of its fear and grace. Also he creates the posture of harmony using a figure of human.

His material, trees grow with twisting themselves. For the artist, standing up with twisting is a symbolic posture of harmony and a spirit of tenacity of human's life. Yoshimasa is always aware that the fragility of people's activities before nature. Therefore not only being tossed by the environment, but also he believes the existence of the power that will try to keep balance towards such big power.

We can feel the violence or divineness and tranquility or the warmth lives together in his wooden sculpture as whole one life.

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