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Megumi Ogita Gallery
2-16-12 B1
Ginza Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061 Japan   map * 
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Morir, Morir, Morir
by Megumi Ogita Gallery
Location: Showcase Megumi Ogita Gallery
Artist(s): Victor CASTILLO
Date: 15 Nov - 30 Nov 2013

showcase MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY holds a first solo exhibition of a Chilean artist, Victor Castillo in Japan. Victor was born in Santiago in 1973, and Chile coup occurred in the same year. After that, everything had been under controlled by military dictatorship about 15 years. That trained himself find out something lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed.

“I think behind children ’s stories, with all their icons and symbolisms, like behind the TV programs or advertising in general, hide second and third intentions, manipulation and indoctrination."

Near Pop Surrealism and low-brow, Victor Castillo ensure that we question ourselves, through his work, our own existence and the environment around us. Always with a grotesque smile on his machiavellian character's faces, accomplices that something will happen. Because Victor Castillo seems to have delved into childhood tales, extracting from them their protagonists, to move them to nightmares and agony environments. Scenes where icons and symbols of war, religious and cultural merge with environments that once were peaceful, but which have become dark and, sometimes, in apocalyptic.

Currently, the artist lives in Los Angeles, California. His work has been exhibited in places such as the old Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona, where he began his international presence and later in solo and group exhibitions through galleries and museums around the world.

In this exhibition, He will release 4 new acrylic paintings, drawing and some printed works.

*image (left)
© Victor Castillo 
courtesy of the artist and Meguimi Ogita Gallery 


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