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Yumiko Chiba Viewing Room Shinjuku
4 - 32 - 6 #206
Park Grace Shinjuku building
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Japan 160 - 0023   map * 
tel: +81 3 6276 6731     fax: +81 3 6276 6738
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by Yumiko Chiba Viewing Room Shinjuku
Location: Yumiko Chiba Viewing Room Shinjuku
Artist(s): Naruki OSHIMA
Date: 7 Nov - 12 Dec 2015

Yumiko Chiba Associates is pleased to present a solo exhibition, Figures by Naruki Ohshima starting from November 7, 2015.

Oshima created strange sceneries in his previous series “haptic green”, by joining more than two-hundred shots in gridlike fashion he had taken with a various focal distance and recomposing them as one photograph. They brought us unknown visual experience, letting us realize how ambiguous a visual image (our impression) is, as well as succeeded to sway human being’s action recognition to perceive an object in front of them.

In Oshima’s new series, Figures, presented as the first public exhibition, his theme changes from “scenery” to “figure” as well as his concept widens from visual recognition to perceptual recognition toward others.

When we usually recognize others, we form impression of them by integrating not only their figures or expressions, but their social attributes, skill, degree of relationship with them, and the subjective reasoning based on our own sense of value and experience in the past. However, Oshima has perceived that recognition of others by such integration may rather drop something important through a crack. Figures is an attempt to ladle out these “dripping things” and to present their existence which can be observed only there.

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