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Nap Gallery
3331 Arts Chiyoda
#209 6-11-14 Sotokanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan   map * 
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Point of Contact #4
by Nap Gallery
Location: Nap Gallery
Artist(s): Satoru TAMURA
Date: 13 Jan - 24 Feb 2013

Nap Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition “Point of Contact #4” by Satoru Tamura. His works such as video installation and sculpture have attracted viewers in domestic and foreign countries, and this exhibition presents one of his symbolized light works. Based on his consistent work theme, “Nonexistence of meaning,” his light works are, according to him, just simple and clear lighting systems that send an electrical current and light bulbs blink and flash. However, those simple action of flashing, unstable flickering, and a meaning continuous motion exist in the nonexistence of meaning and the action strongly appeals to us. At this exhibition, Tamura, who has expressed irony that lurks behind humor through divergent ways, shows additively sharpen and polished “Point od Contact.”

“I create art based on a theme, destruction of meaning, to seek for artwork of pure white idea with no background. The destruction takes place lightly and never gravely. It may even bring laughter. In the artwork, I would constructively destroy the meaning, or create a situation where no meanings attach. I want to stay liberated from meaning, establishment, and purpose of its material and form. Perhaps, I have doubts about them. – Satoru Tamura”

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