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Makii Masaru Fine Arts
1-7-7, Asakusabashi
Tokyo 111-0053 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3865 2211     fax: +81 3 3865 2211
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You were here / You are here
by Makii Masaru Fine Arts
Location: Makii Masaru Fine Arts
Date: 9 Mar - 20 Mar 2012

Think how it's like that something, someone or some place that was here is not here now at all. But to you the absent are still present as before.

Works of the three artists will remind you of such a sense silently. Watching the works you'll feel the door to your memory is unlocked to open by your own will. Through the door you may be led to your personal memories, or memories of the catastrophe that all the Japanese share with.

It is one year this March since the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake.

In our mind a common idea echoes that art is useless against disasters. However, we positively believe that art has a possibility of helping the stricken people in recollecting their precious memories to live with.  Art could be a breakwater to save irreplaceable memories from drowning in the sea of oblivion.

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