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Makii Masaru Fine Arts
1-7-7, Asakusabashi
Tokyo 111-0053 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3865 2211     fax: +81 3 3865 2211
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Perception and Identity
by Makii Masaru Fine Arts
Location: 2F, Makii Masaru Fine Art
Artist(s): Pascal Gravot HAEBERLI
Date: 14 Oct - 25 Oct 2011

"My purpose is to show how the consciousness interacts with the outside world.

What 's a fact?
What's a certitude?
What's wrong? What's right?

The perception of an object by a subject gives the former, automatically, an identity. This identity is acquired through the perception process, as registered in the consciousness of the person. A particular object can take different identities depending on the subject.

For instance, a table can be seen as table because this is the perception that we've learned. But if you take a part of an object, change the position or simply look at it from a different perspective, the perception changes too.

As a result, the final object may appear unfamiliar: this means, that the table as it is can be seen in many different ways, as life should be also regarded, too.

My purpose is to unbalance this interaction with the outside world though the (inquisitive) look at some objects."

- Pascal Gravot Haeberli

About the Artist

French /Swiss artist living and working in Japan, Tokyo.
Over the years photography has been my intense interest. Have been studying and working in different countries such as France, Hungary, Italy, Canada, Guatemala, and Uzbekistan. Since I moved to Tokyo in 2008 I decided to pursue photography full time.
All this years travelling, has had a big impact on my work and Japan with is complexity gave me the opportunity to express myself.
One part of my work is photos that represent part of simpler street object, the other part is merging, and both show not only my vision but also my understanding of Japan.

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