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Shiseido Gallery
Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building
Basement floor, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061, Japan   map * 
tel: +81 3 3572 3901     fax: +81 3 3672 3951

Shiseido Art Egg 8_Shusuke Imai
by Shiseido Gallery
Location: Shiseido Gallery
Artist(s): Shunsuke IMAI
Date: 7 Feb - 2 Mar 2014

Shunsuke Imai explores a sense of three-dimensionality that inevitably emerges in flat-surfaced paintings. The warps and twists revealed on the flat paintings using stripes and dots convey a three-dimensional sense like fluttering flags. Imai's works in this exhibition feature a sculpture made of stripes in random arrangements transcribed and dyed onto cloth, as well as large-scale paintings made using the same patterns. Viewers are reinforced the concept of three-dimensionality within flat surfaces by looking at flat and three-dimensional works at the same time.

*image (left)
© Shusuke Imai
courtesy of the artist and Hagiwara Projects

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