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hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
B1F, 5-7-17, Minami Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
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tel: + 81 3 3797 1507     fax: + 81 3 6805 0840
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vital ~kissing tree~
by hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
Date: 6 Feb - 6 Mar 2009

We are pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition vital -kissing tree- by TAKA.
TAKA, who offered us the abstract color field work that is restructured with the absolute elements of photograph like color, shape, and texture, will present us monochromatic world. In the images with minimum color and vivid texture, the forest of Mt. Yatsugadake shows various expression. Longing to the primordial vitality and the sense of death remind us of "The power of living" that people has forgotten.

Started leaning how to take photos by himself at the age of nine. Chose to take the life as a photographer to live more freely.
Left to NY when he was eighteen. He learned techniques of shooting and developing and exhibited his works.

After coming back to Japan, Taka began to shoot portraits in a variety of media such as culture/art magazines. At the same time he began to explore and take photos in South America and other countries. He exhibited at Wall (Tokyo) in 2006, at fashion tradeshow “rooms” and Door (Tokyo) in 2007, and at hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO (Tokyo) in 2008.

This exhibition will be held at our new location.

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