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hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
B1F, 5-7-17, Minami Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
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by hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
Location: hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
Artist(s): Ryo OHWADA
Date: 18 Sep - 12 Oct 2015

hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO is pleased to announce Ryo Ohwada's solo ex hibition ‘TYPE’.

Born in 1978, Ryo Ohwada published his photography series which made the best use of digital vigorously , which, and were selected by ‘reGeneration50 photographs of tomorrow ’hosted by Musee de I’Elysee, Lausanne Switzerland. Winning the Newcomer’s Award in 2011, Ryo Ohwada is being watched as a young talented photog rapher by the world.Types are Symbols.

If people understand the same language, they will recall almost the same meaning from the same symbol. Although the meaning of same symbol could be totally different due to the writer and the writing materials.

‘TPYE’ tend to be more symbolic as they are mass-produced and th e fact that they do not contain toomuch impressions and informa tion.The works of which is showing in this exhibition is a series of photography that is based on typing. Not to say there will be a mechanical impression but the warmness from which it is being handmade.

This exhibition showcases the beauty of functions of symbols an d the fantasy of the characters before they become types.

Artist’s Comment

As soon as I encountered with these letters, these number-sculp ted metal sheets while looking around antiques, I made the decision that I would have it as a motif for my photograph. I was very i nterested in “print” as I worked on a series of “Banknotes” at that time.While photographing these 5cm wide metal sheets, I was curious about what they were and asked around theprofessionals in printing.Consequently, it has found that would be the matrix for use in Benton engra ving machine, which was popular during the World War II.Benton engraver can be engraved type to be used for actual prin ting while tracing these matrix machines.Because letters are too long or there are some imperfections, I do not think they were used in the actual printing.

I imagine that they would be made for the practice of the engra ver. However, imperfections emphasize a craftsmanship seeking more perfection.

An antiques dealer has picked up those that had been left for a long time in the warehouse of the printing plant, and I captur ed them,became apparent to detail, which is not visible to the naked ey e. It makes me think about physical and abstract.

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