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hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
B1F, 5-7-17, Minami Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
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tel: + 81 3 3797 1507     fax: + 81 3 6805 0840
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Harmony / my melody , your melody
by hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
Location: hpgrp Gallery Tokyo
Artist(s): D[DIː]
Date: 21 Aug - 7 Sep 2014

D[diː] works based on the idea of “Crying for the Moon-” in her works. In her solo exhibition two years ago “Eternally unrequited LOVE” was formed under the condition of “Love” towards to animals and plants and “Refusal” which is an allergic reaction to it. I thought it was too painful to keep demanding what she refuses. But soon, I realized that probably I would fail to do that even though I want to. Therefore I longed for D[diː].

D[diː] exposes her fears in this exhibition "Harmony / My Melody, Your Melody" since she wonders that her happi- ness is formed on someone's happiness if she was happy now, and that she can breathe because of someone's dying for her. I suppose that right. Surely we would realize environmental destruction and global warming, war that never ends, the atmosphere after the 311 in the world. It looks strange hopelessly, and it is far from harmony.

There is no one in her imaginary world. This is because of that human beings destroy harmony. There is a contra- diction. What the most unnecessary is human beings in the world of ideal for them. Eventually I persuade myself that demanding harmony makes an escape and that is “crying for the moon” which we never get.

-----Kentaro Totsuka, director, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO

-hpgrp Gallery Tokyo

Image: © D[diː]
Courtesy of the artist and hpgrp Gallery Tokyo

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