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Jia Art Gallery
1f-1, No. 30, Sec. 3,
Chung-shan N. Road,
Taipei, Taiwan   map * 
tel: +886 2 2595 2449/2591 4302     
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Without Boundaries
by Jia Art Gallery
Location: Jia Art Gallery
Artist(s): CHIU Bing-Heng
Date: 8 Aug - 5 Oct 2014

On the surface of Chiu Bing-Heng's art, The dropping ink as the point, extending points as the line, interweaving lines as the texture objects; The artist adds his sensations into his brushstroke with vivid colors and accomplishes the individual heart touching work.

Chiu Bing-Heng uses bright vivid colors and neat brushstrokes to express the beauty of the landscape态the object in everyday's life and his unique visions of the universe. His work is not only the abstract paintings but also the metaphor showing changes of the universe. The methods of using sharp bony line brushstrokes as Chinese ink paintings to explore the freehand style with sensations. As Chiu Bing-Heng says: My paintings does not show the delimits details but the unsophisticated impressions. I go through the intense training and influenced by a variety of favorable life style. These experiences accord me to see the pure nature from the world. Chiu Bing-Heng's philosophy truly identifies Eastern culture and Confucianism both take the heart of humanity as the center of the world.

This exhibition shows Chiu Bing-Heng's oil paintings and pastel paintings. As seeing through the world and using neat line brushstroke with Eastern Chinese gentleman's philosophy, Chiu Bing-Heng elevates everyday's visions up to remarkable art creations.

-Jia Art Gallery

Image: © Chiu Bing-Heng
Courtesy of the artist and Jia Art Gallery

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