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AKI Gallery
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YES Taiwan
by AKI Gallery
Location: Aki Gallery
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 4 Jul - 26 Jul 2015

“I got words to say, and I have the ability to say”, these artists echo the direct and real fast changing society. They strive for chances to be heard and support to action. And take you to a fresh world with heat, make confession about life. Thereby regain freedom and power. Their sound, you must not ignore! 

About Living, they show the viewers the braveness to complete true self. Tzu Ting Wang implies the fatigue in popular culture by using materials like fabric and acrylic. Zhen-You HONG depicts the emotions in splash and shows the inner self transcends sex. About Life, they say that fragility comes with tenacity. In Yu Han’s world, the frail life exists and propagates in its unique way. Wen-Di YOU simulates "ultrasound" peep image in the womb where life is nourished. Unable to predict the future in chaos noise, she seeks a sense of security and spiritual sustenance. Last but not least, three photographers who caught massive attention in this year’s Young Art Taipei curator area, Shu-Jen Chen, Ying-Chih Chuang and Rui-Yang Lin, concerns about different spaces’ function and roles. From meat market, Wanhua and motel, they discuss the space and time around us, and ponder on the commercial culture. 

In the 6th edition of YES TAIWAN, AKI Gallery maintains our acuity and chooses 7 outstanding new stars. Among them, some merge tradition and contemporary, some gives us hint of what behind norms, and some complete the spiritual state. We invite you to witness the burst of vitality, their young hearts, and ardent attitude by these artists who indicates the future this 4TH July!

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