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AKI Gallery
Min Tsu W. Road,
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by AKI Gallery
Location: AKI Gallery
Artist(s): Asae SOYA
Date: 13 May - 7 Jun 2015

After last year’s debut in a group show in Taiwan, this may Asae Soya will launch her first solo exhibition “Rainbow” outside Japan at AKI Gallery! This time, except for oil paintings, the show also features 3D projection and large wall-paintings, so the audience can literally wander in her visual magic! 

Based on three subheads: physical sense, circulate and sora, in each floor Soya will exhibit her various works: paintings on 1st floor, installation with paintings on 2nd floor and video installation on 3rd floor. Even though she takes various styles of expression, she always focuses our physical sensation from everyday life and what emerges in her mind when she is working. Her works ask you the essential proposition of art: “What is sensing?” From the experience of bathroom to the stimulus she received from residency in New York, Soya creates a colorful forest for audience to perceive and imagine the heat, moist, light, every reflection and reflection with her. 

Asae Soya who is awarded the significant VOCA PRIZE in Japan, creates a world by oil painting and installation can never be easily described by single visual language. Vivid colors bring surprise and amazement, this May we invite you not only to see, but feel this sensational show! 


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